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Are you beginning your organization of the Matric Farewell?

Do you need a focal point for all the Matrics to remember their evening?

Introducing the Matric Farewell Studio Photography Package

Well it’s good news!

Here at Armitage Photography we pride ourselves on quality studio portrait photography.



A Booking Fee of R2500 is required to secure the date of the Matric Farewell. This is redeemed against the final total of the Matric Farewell Session.

The way we price our sessions is as follows:

R100 is added to the cost of each ticket sold for the Matric Farewell, with the R100 going to Armitage Photography once all tickets have been sold. The Booking Fee of R2500 is returned to the school upon receipt of payment.

So the total cost is dependant on the number of students attending.

All images are shoot on the evening and downloaded to a online proofing gallery. All the Matrics are given a card with the password-protected link so they can view the images after the event. The images are available online for 3 months. The students can then order prints and digital files delivered directly to them.

All of the images are available to the students with no limits to how many they wish to take as Digital Files. Prints are produced as orders by the student individually and paid by them independently.



If you are Matriculating and are interested in getting photography of just the two of you before the Matric Farewell Ball; you can head over to our other Photography Website and view the last “Show Me the Love Session”: Christopher Parry Photography

If you require more information or would like to setup a meeting to discuss your requirements and needs for your Matriculating Students, please fill out the contact form and Chris or one his associates will get back to you.

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