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Our Approach


We will come to you… We’ll set-up up our studio in your studio space on a day pre-organised with you and your employees, in a board room etc. For the location shots (outside) we will setup beforehand also so we can go with the employee from the studio setting to the location setting in a seamless session. We shoot and edit as we go. At the end of the session we choose the image you love the most, we can guarantee that you find it tough to decide on your favourite!

Once you have fallen in love with your new Headshot Portrait the file is sent to our Professional Custom Retouch centre where we make you look even more amazing! After that the file is delivered via FTP/ Dropbox or email directly to you. Custom Print Retouching ETA averages around 2 to 3 days (1 to 5 images) and (15+ images can take up to 7 working days)

Our requirements are quite simple really…

Tea/ Coffee and cold water provided

Enough power outlets for the lights

Everyone to be prompt with their timekeeping for their sessions

Once the session is complete, all the images will be sent to our Professional Custom Retoucher and completed within 7 working days and uploaded to your Online Proofing Gallery. N.B. you will have 14 working days to decide on your images. Online Proof Gallery available for 3 months.

There is no shortcut to a Great Headshot


The Values

You see, you don’t just pay a photographer for their ability to use expensive equipment which creates quality images.  You pay a photographer for their expertise in the way they position you, the things they can say to you in conversation to evoke those warm, spontaneous expressions which make you look approachable, friendly, yet professional.

A good professional photographer is worth their weight in gold, and even if you’re not in business, if you’re on the job market, it can make a massive difference to whether people pick up the phone to talk to you, or send you that email that could mean a very lucrative oportunity for you.

You don’t get second chances to make a first impression, so make sure you show yourself in your best possible light, especially when you are likely to often be “meeting” people for the first time online these days.  A professionally taken headshot is vital!

We can help you in any project


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